14 Show Dogs Die in Hot Truck After Air Conditioning Malfunctions

In a completely tragic turn of events this past weekend, 14 show dogs died in the back of a truck after the air conditioner shorted out. The owner of the truck, Cortney Corral-Morris, also owned six of the 14 dogs, and all of them were in Roseland, IN, for the Michiana Kennel Club AKC Dog Show. Corral-Morris had been keeping the dogs in the back of the truck outside a hotel for a few days with no issues. The truck was plugged into power on the exterior of the hotel, according to the South Bend Tribune. Corral-Morris had fed, watered, and exercised the dogs, 13 of which were Golden Retrievers and one a Brittany Spaniel, on Friday before going into the hotel for a nap. During the two hours she was inside, the air conditioning in the truck somehow malfunctioned, leaving the dogs trapped in the hot vehicle. Corral-Morris discovered them all dead that evening.

Genny Carlson, executive director of the St. Joseph's County Humane Society, told the Daily Mail, "[Corral-Morris] is beside herself. She is heartbroken." Corral-Morris is complying fully with the investigation, being handled by the Humane Society and the local police, and has informed the other dog owners of the tragic news.