This Video of a Dog Waking Up From Being Asleep in a Hole He Dug Is Too Hilarious

Wilbur, a Boxer-Bulldog mix, was caught by his owner in quite the hilarious situation. It appears that like most dogs, Wilbur — also known as Willy Sack of Potatoes — loves digging holes; but unlike other dogs, he then enjoys napping in his holes. In an Instagram video, Willy can be seen laying limp in a hole he'd just dug, and his owner even says, "Look at this dog, I thought he was dead," before tapping on the window and calling out to him. Wilbur wakes up, confused, and as if his reaction to being woken up isn't hilarious enough, watching him attempt to get out of the shallow hole will make you laugh out loud. Dogs, man . . . they're just the best.