I’ve Never Seen a Dog Eat Faster Than This Golden Retriever Aptly Named After a Food

A Golden Retriever puppy named Mango is giving every competitive eater ever a run for their money, as he eats faster than seems humanly possible. In a video posted to Instagram by his owner, Mango can be seen sitting and waiting patiently for his dinner — that is, until he sees his food bowl and loses his sh*t. His mouth literally starts quivering before the bowl is put down in front of him for him to devour, and I mean, I definitely relate to that level of food excitement.

"This is called my 'mouthy mouth,'" reads the video's caption on Mango's shared Instagram account with his Golden Retriever older brother, Charlie. "Much like my mom around queso & margaritas, I cannot control myself around food. I get so excited that my mouth quivers. Please give me all the food."

Watch the video above to see how Mango prefers to eat his meals, but don't blink or you might actually miss it!