This Golden Retriever Is Legit Scared of the Laundry Basket, and My Husband Pulls the Same Act

If you spend your quiet moments scrolling through Instagram hashtags for adorable Golden Retrievers, you've likely stumbled upon Gibson, a Chicago-based fluffy Golden with strong opinions (just watch him get his teeth brushed). One topic he's certainly not budging on? Laundry. When his owner brings out the laundry basket, he grows visibly concerned. He jumps back on his heels, furrows his brows, and then starts barking as if to say, "Heck no, I'm not doing any laundry!" And you know what, Gibson? I totally know this move. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen it done before in my house. Though my husband isn't actually frightened of our laundry basket, you might say it's an object he wants nothing to do with!

It's a cute act nonetheless, Gibson. Think I can get away with it too?