This Pet Owner Mopping Around Her Yellow Lab Proves How Much Our Pets Get Away With

As the owner of a 5-year-old Black Lab named Yogi, I know exactly how much Labradors like to relax. Heck, after going on a 20-minute walk, my pup immediately makes a beeline for my bed to take a snooze for the rest of the afternoon. While their calm disposition is what makes the breed so incredibly lovable, the Yellow Lab featured in the above video gives a whole new meaning to the term "peak laziness." In a clip shared by Barstool Sports' Instagram account, I Can't Even, we get a glimpse into the ultimate good life. Rather than making her dog move so she can mop, one owner simply cleans around her furry friend, then picks her pooch and up moves him or her from one side to another to clean the spot underneath. Talk about having it all figured out!