This Woman's Hack For Clipping Her Dog's Nails Gives "Use Your Head" a New Meaning

I have the scars and scratches to show that clipping your dog's nails at home is no easy task. Next time, I might need to take a page out of Lindsey Shelton's book, because she is working on a whole other level. The 27-year-old recently shared a hack that helps her keep Schmidt, an Aussie mix, still while she grooms him — all it takes is some peanut butter and plastic wrap. Lindsey originally posted a video of the process on TikTok, and then Instagram, but you might've seen it on Twitter too, as it gained popularity across the internet.

What inspired this stroke of genius? "Truly, boredom," Lindsey told POPSUGAR. "I was being silly and my dogs needed their nails trimmed." Well, some call it silliness, but I call it a 200 IQ move. In fact, Lindsey's hack is already inspiring imitations across social media, as people try the trick with their own pets. "I might look like a dork, but I'm about to look like a genius," Lindsey says in the video. Well played, Lindsey, well played.