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I am a very proud mother of 3 and wife. I love my babes to death. As if being a mom wasn't enough I work full time. I am a fun loving, happy energetic person. I am very young and I've been through a lot. I've overcome obstacles that have been thrown my way and I can honestly say I am at a place in my life that I would love to stay. I have two boys a 3 year (from a previous relationship) and 5 month old. My daughter is 1. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I'd have 3 kids. Wow.... I wouldn't change anything in my life. I love when I look at my babies and they smile at me letting me know they know they have my heart. They way they wrap there little arms around my neck and giveme the biggest kisses they can. My heart just melts. To hear "I love you mommy..." All the laughs, crying tickling, diapers, screaming, boogers, etc.. it's all worth it just to sit and watch my babies sleep in the end and knowing that the next day will hold all the same things with new surprises. O my hubby is something else. I knew I loved him and I had to have him the moment I first saw him. "Love at First Sight!" Yes it truly was. We have been going strong for almost 3 years now. My hubby. He is so good to me and he does his best to give me and our kids everything we want, need and ask for. We got off to a rocky start but we are made for eachother. That's how we overcame all the small stuff. Our strength and our love for one another will only keeps us together and "In Love!" I love you babe.

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