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Michelle Wagner- Maldonado

"A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved." -Kurt Vonnegut Married to my love of the past 7 years. Living in the suburbs of Long Island and soon to be back in the boroughs of NYC. I'm a certified holistic WELLTH (Wellness + Health) Coach and licensed real estate salesperson. I'm slowly transitioning out of real estate to better focus on helping others with nutrition, bodywork and fitness. I'm a certified POP group fitness instructor since summer '16 and considering education and certification in massage therapy, yin yoga and personal training to add to my modalities of assisting people in moving their bodies. I'm a daily practitioner of meditation, yoga, visualization and EFT to keep my mind, body and spirit aligned and positive. I've been working out what I would like my brand to be for well over a year and after much research and dappling I have landed on something unique and which personally affects me and my health for the last 13 or so years. It's 2 things- interrelated and both biological which every person on earth has within them but is so often neglected in our western practices of health and medicine. My website, A Journey To Wellth, will be documenting exactly what these biological factors are and how we can all focus on them to take care of ourselves holistically. I am also a stalwart about alternative care including acupressure/acupuncture, herbal remedies, aromatherapy and Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine routes of healing. My site will be a little bit of what most other sites cover in the wellness realm with my own unique with the majority of it touching on new and rarely discussed subjects. My ethnicity is racially mixed-- my parents are both born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa and the majority of both sides of my huge family still reside there. I've been blessed to visit at least 20 times (I've honestly lost count) and to visit the family I have in Germany and Australia as well. Traveling is my absolute favourite thing to do and I see it being a huge part of my future as much as it has been a part of my past. I haven't gotten to do much of it in the last couple of years as getting married and saving for a home have been top priorities but my wanderlust is perpetual and I do see myself getting back to the skies ASAP to explore new countries and rest and recharge.

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