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Hey I'm Valentina... Call me Val Or Valley Or even Tina :P Add Me: Fell From Heaven: 12, January Looks around in: Hazel Eyes Headphone Heaven: Fall Out Boy Favourite not-so-lil' devil: Peter Wentz...Rawr... ;) Bury me in: Eyeliner lol Common sense? Not that great XD It only Makes sense To: See Me with My Ipod Rumor starter? No Trust worthy? Yeah I'm the type of Girl who would burst out laughing cause of something that happened yesterday :) Listen up: It's better to be a bitch who stands up for herself hating life then a f*cking coward. So i'm not much of a profile person... So i'm a bit weird... So i seem to love things that you NEVER would... Freaky? Yes Scene? Pffffft No Song of the century: I slept with someone from fall out boy and all i got was this song written about me... 'Heartbraking': albums: Infinity on high, From Under The Cork tree, Take this to your grave Other cool albums: Fall Out Boy's evening with your Girlfriend, My heart will always be the b-side To my tongue "They call kids like us vicious and carves out of stone, but for what we've become we just feel more alone" Pete:"I admire the fan. those who clap, those who wait in line more than anyone else. This trip has taught me that. The fan is the one who is scrutinized, constantly defending themself. The fan is the one who is constantly expected to forgive the missteps of those on the stage.. expected to be waiting long before shows begin and long after they end, just for the chance of a glimpse or a wave. always brushed off, always thought of last. You are however, truly imprinted on my mind." Pete:I dont care what list I end up on.the truth is, I just don't like myself too much. I thank god for the people who love me anyway and can see around that. you inspire me to be a better person.. and to let myself feel happy. I hope I bring the same to you. Pete:"Patrick is probably my best friend in the whole world. we can finish each others sentences. its strange cause Ive never had a relationship like the one we have with a friend, ever. People try to make a big deal of him and my interactions and relationship.. but honestly at the end of the day when the spotlights and flashes go away this kid is still gonna be here, and we'll still be friends. I couldn't give a fuck what you say, this is one of the only people in the world that I would take a bullet for.. and he has more talent in his little finger than I have in my entire body." Pete:"When you see us out somewhere, and you walk up to us and say how much our music means to you, it will mean so much more then when you walk up and tell us how hot we are" "I love fucking southern girls.... wait I didn't mean that as a verb!.....oh well I'd fuck em too. " Well i can't be bothered typing anymore so Yeah ---Val--- Meow!!!!

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