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What I love: Positive people, Singing, writing music, instruments, art, museums, candle lit dinners, the beach, swimming in clear blue water, open minded REAL people, creativity, beauty, intelligence, holistic living, Dr. Mario (I hold the world championship belt!), Poker, rain, walking, kissing & hugging, cuddling, being held, Mexico, saying crazy things in Spanish, movies, dancing, playing sports, debating, open mic nights, poetry, being in love, PDA, dance clubs, visiting home, family, friends, the color blue, Victoria's Secret, diamonds, white gold & silver, hot topic, fashion, club 5, my boi's (who else really knows how to party?), romantic nights, hotel keys, open spaces, talking to people I don't know, smiling, manicures, massages, laughter, the people on my top friends list, people that stand up for what is right, courage, baths, talking at 4am with the one I love, not kissing and telling, being awakened with kisses, people that are worth missing, learning, talented people, remembering the pink ladies, being a truth seeker, healing, making a difference, performing, pinky clubs, changing the world, believing in yourself, being yourself without excuses, making people laugh, being on stage, challenging beliefs, loving someone with all of my heart, chasing my dreams, believing in something greater than myself, hard wood floors, squishy pillows, having faith, my new church, down comforters, Feng Shui, meditation, living a life of love, and loving who I am. My cabin on the lake, my Darling, a good margarita, honesty, surprises, Chicago, walking in the park, music, coffee shops, old friends (they are one of the few things that can really heal your soul), Traveling, Texas!, Reading, Magazines (I’m addicted), new friends, quiet places & hideouts. Learning to embrace all of who I am, and loving myself exactly where I am.

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