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T h e G i r l i go to dalhousie university and i split my time between halifax and new glasgow, i want to move to cali to be more exact santa barbara, i love my family and friends more then anything else, there is nothing better than shopping , i am a tanorexic , jessica simpson is my style goddess , i'm addicted to celebrity, i'm willing to talk to anyone with something interesting to say , style will last forever , i love ashley olsen , i have a million pet peeves, i'm the oldest of three kids, i would do anything for my friends, i'm always listening to music , i can come off as a snob but i'm really not , i wear my uggs all the time, i'm almost always wearing sunglasses, i much prefer the summer , i hate snow unless it is Christmas, my best friend is my little sister Erica , i'm a fashion magazine whore , my dream job would be being a fashion stylist , if you become one of my friends you won't fine one more true then me Hit Me Up at

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