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Charles O'Shea

write my instress is the computer basicly so i may enhance my spelling while getting furmilier with these dang key boards.
So i a my express my oppions on art , even fashion , and ofcourse my favorte model and ofcourse that Miss barrymore,
and i enjoy Miss Mileys songs who ouns my heart , and the climb, and espiecully when i look at u.
and i also enjoy the moody blues , songs knight in white saturn , and i know ur out there. it helps me to visulize when i am relaxed fantisyisng what life would be like if it would be i and Missbarrymore, Afterall she is my perfect fanstancy women. And to wish her luck in her happience even if will is the guy? Ya that part sucks. So when ever theres any news or photo up dates on Miss barrymore ya i love to keep tbs on her life so in a way the medias are doing me a favor? O one thing theday of her wedding ya that would even suck more ,but as long as she,s happy that great, afterall it would,nt change a thing on how i feel about.
So now i am wating to that day when i will regret not taking that leap of fathie that maybe i was the right guy for her all a long.

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