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Hey my name is Christine, alot of people call me Christina. I was born in Texas. I grew up in Miami, FL. I just moved back to Dallas. I procrastinate alot. Sometimes people think I'm a bitch because I don't talk to them but I'm not I'm just painfully shy. I am a pretty nice, quiet person. I'm a bit insecure. I over think things too much, I'm always day dreaming, I can't help it. I'm a scatterbrain, I would do or give up anything for anyone I love. I'm a boring person. I don't really like going out, I rather stay home and watch tv or a movie. I am useless in the kitchen, but I want to learn how to cook. I have a nephew named tristan he's very very very very very very annoying but I love him. I'm a clean freak. Matthew would know, I made the bed while he was in it :D I love pickles. I hate liars. I hate hypocrites. I hate seafood. I'm allergic to pork, I still eat it though...that probably made me sound stupid but oh well add me up

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