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I am a crane mechanic, although I studied computer science. I don't fall in love with things, I fall in love with people. I have fun muddin, gettin dirty, crawling under a hot rod to bolt its rear-end back together after a burn out got out of hand, and the occasional yager bomb. But I am also the guy you call at 2am when you are stranded, broke down, or just too damn drunk to drive. I'm always there for my loved ones, through the good, bad, and ugly. I don't judge, I console. I don't reprimand, I brainstorm for solutions. I am a little naive, and a lot open minded. I try to be logical and decisive, but I may lead with my heart too much. I am the kind of person who truly appreciates having good friends around me (could use a few more in fact). I don't use pick up lines, I prefer my own words. I am not smooth, or witty, but then again I don't think I should have to convince anyone to love me.

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