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Dominique Rooney

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"Ignited by my travels and experiences, I am constantly on the quest for something more, something satisfying, something that challenges my tastes, something unpredictable...". At the age of 17 Dominique traveled the world as a fashion model appearing in magazines, runway, commercials and television internationally. Dining in some of the most exquisite restaurants and shopping in the hottest cities just went with the territory. An ex model/actress turned chef born and raised in Los Angeles, Dominique is the grand daughter of legendary actors Mickey Rooney and Martha Vickers. She is experienced, well traveled and versed, her shoes and handbag always match and she is perpetually hungry. On the other hand she is picky as hell, tells it like she sees it and hates dirt and rude people. Dominique expects a certain standard of services when dining out and always dissects & smells everything she eats! From the glamorous, high paid life as a model to being asked to clean up a lot, being the only female in the back of the house, making food she wouldn't have her dog eat, slicing onions, peeling shrimp and cracking live lobsters sucks...@#!$@! at $7.00 bucks an hour. Raised in a multicultural professional cooking background on maternal side and her father’s side musicians, models, actors and dancers, FOOD MEETS FASHIONISTA was born. Who better to talk about food and fashion than a former model and a chef! Here you will find Dominque's forecast on fashion, design, beauty, organics/green sustainability, parenting and baby, food and wine, restaurant reviews and more. Dominique Rooney: chef,restaurant critic,blogger, mother and fashion diva

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