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Elite Lady Cathleen

O.C.'s Elite Ladies group is designed for women from 25 to 35 who live in Orange County. The goal of this group is to integrate our social network friends online into our real lives offline. We encourage all Ladies of our group to mingle as much online to get out socializing. The difference between O.C.’s Elite Lady and other women’s groups is simple. Our mission is to help our members maximize their own strengths and talents while offering a sisterhood that is meaningful, genuine and fun. Our sisterhood grows through our participation in social activities on and offline Just because someone requests to be your “friend” online doesn’t make them a true friend offline. We believe you should get to know the real friends in your life by spending time with them in person. And remember true friendships take time to cultivate and require care, honesty and respect. If this sounds like the type of group you would like to be a part of we would love to have you. Women with any relationship status and children are welcome. This group is for women who want to meet new friends and have fun! Before joining us please take a moment to read more about us on our Potential New Member Page.

Joined 11 years ago
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