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First time Mom to my beautiful little girl Tatum and wife to my husband David. I am in love with Get Gorgeous tea, my large purse collection, and good jeans. I despise cheese. I love going for morning walks with Tatum, even if it is chilly outside. It's poison, but I have to have my one cup of coffee in the morning. I love the dimple in my chin and I could spend a fortune on make-up and am very lucky to work at a high-end make-up store (DISCOUNT!). I'm continually trying my best to do things to help the environment (hello, bicycle!). I like to eat locally and have started my own veggie garden! I would love to find a pair of jeans that I DON'T have to hem (and while I complain about hemming pants, I am totally happy with my petite-ness). I am a Guitar Hero. I love my daily yoga session and my cooking/baking with my little girl. I just love life.

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