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I use to spend every waking moment searching for the my meaning to life. I searched every where for the answer, clueless to what exactly i was searching for. One day I found myself looking inside of someone else, laching on to their personality and likes. I found heart ache, nausia, and depression. I finally came running back to me! I asked myself: "Me, who are you, why are you hear, WHY ARE U JUST DECIDING TO TALK TO ME"...and then I got it! What the hell is finding yourself all about anyway? Why am I looking for something that is already inside me? Why am I searching for an answer to a question that doesn't exsist? What exsist is me, myself, and I. No one but I belongs to me until i break>down and have a little me! The search is over until menapause, then I will really have something to bitch about.

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