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Iconici TV is a online international syndicated media outlet entertaing and inspiring our audience by providing an insider’s view of the Fashion, Entertainment and Mixed Martial Art's industries. Iconici TV Fashion showcases the hottest designs that have made their way down the catwalk during the world renowned Fashion Weeks and and Red Carpet events around the world through our syndicated episodes. Our hosts also goes behind the scenes of fashion shows and photo shoots to not only showcase the model and designer but the make-up artist, photographer, hair stylist and vendor. Iconici TV Fashion has over 200 fashion affiliates whom we showcase on our website Fashion Discounts page. The Fashion Discounts page is updated frequently to give you a wide variety of designers and designs to choose from. Last but not least get your fashion fix with our Iconici TV Fashion Blog. Make sure to hit that follow button so you don't miss a beat of information from showcased fashion designers, make-up, jewelry and much much more. Iconici TV Entertainment is hosted by our stunning host Leena Geeter. and Kaori Takee. The lovely hosts bring you the latest news going on with celebrities in music, Hollywood, concerts, events, Restaurant Reviews and Tech Talk. Iconici TV MMA is hosted by the gorgeous Syndee and Miss Naiya Marcelo for all Mixed Martial Arts fans. Our hosts showcase the latest fights, interviews, weight-in's and news from all the top fighting promotions around the world as well as local promotions, fighters and events. Head on over to our MMA Apparel page on for all of your favorite fight gear and clothing from many of our affiliates. This page is changed up frequently so be sure to bookmark and come back. Iconici TV MMA Blog brings you the latest news going on in the industry. Get tickets to the next Pay-Per-View event as well right from our site. We are your one stop shop for all things MMA. Iconici Weekly Radio broadcasts LIVE every Friday night at 10pm Mountain time. and our MMA edition broadcast at 2pm Mountain time Saturday's. Miss Naiya Marcelo and Syndee keep the energy pumped up as you sit back and relax to the latest news in the Fashion Entertainment and MMA industries around the world along. Special guest in the music, modeling, journalism, health and many more industries join frequently to talk about their latest project they have going on and to be showcased on Iconici Weekly Radio. Make sure to subscribe to our syndicated Fashion and Entertainment channel on Blip TV as well as the syndicated MMA channel so you don't miss any of Iconici TV episodes. Then hop on over to Blog Talk Radio to follow Iconici Weekly Radio. You can call in and talk to our hosts or special guests at any time. You can find Iconici TV on many of the social networks. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest just to name a few.

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