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Isabella Welling

hmm..well there's alot but it's all pretty simple-i love my family,friends,my doggy. I hate bugs,especially spiders. I love movies,especially romantic comedies.My favorite type of music is probably classic rock but i'll get excited over any song that's good to sing and dance to.:)i love my magazines and pop is a quick fix to all my celeb gossip cravings,but once i'm on,i can't get off..:)
i love the simple little pleasures in life such as the weather in summer-the sun,the breeze,thunderstorms at night,listening to the rain fall outside your window. singing to music with the windows rolled down coming home from the beach:)i also love the snow in the winter but hate the cold that comes along w/ it. I love laughing so hard and so long that your'e face becomes red and you can barely breathe and your sides ache:)there's much more but for now i'll end it here:)
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