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I love acting, movies, music, dance... anything performance arts. I am an aspiring actress attending college and majoring in theatre. It was my serious love of movies that propelled me into becoming an actress and I love it. I am a Christian and have this big love & admiration for our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. I am definitely a person that enjoys reading, watching movies, tv shows & plays. And also, a major sports fan and I enjoy watching several sports. My favorite teams include: the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Giants, Indianapolis Colts Los Angeles Galaxy, Real Madrid, New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings... Favorite athletes include Roger Federer, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Mark Sanchez, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant, David Beckham, Landon Donovan, Scott Gomez, Pau Gasol, Michael Phelps, Venus Williams... Anyway, I love life and life can be good.

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