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Let's see, about me? Well, I'm engaged and getting married in the beginning of next year. It seems I've put a spell on another guy, yet again.....bwa ha ha! I was born and raised in S. FLA and I'm still here. Exciting right? Actually, it is. If you're gonna stay in one place forever, might as well be Florida. Anyway, for the inside scoop, I have OCD when it comes to my home. A little tip for you....fold the towel back up after you're done drying your hands. :) I sound a little "off my rocker", but I'm so not. I'm extremely sarcastic, so I apologize ahead of time if you don't "get" me. My sarcasm is completely innocent. I just want to make people laugh. You can't hold that against me. I recently started cooking dinner every night. (gasp) It's actually fun. Maybe I can shed some of my fast food poundage off my ass. Hmmmmm, not likely. Don't judge me! I have tons of kids, who just happen to have scales and fur. That's right've caught on. They're actually animals. At this moment, I have 11 pets......and Ajay. Not sure which one demands more attention though.

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