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My name is Jean. I am happily married at this point in time and I see no reason to change that anytime soon. I’m a mom of four, three gorgeous girls and a bouncing crazy boy. I was born in November of 1975 in the middle of a pouring rain storm. I'm an artist and a dreamer, an avid blogger and a news junkie. Due to my childhood as well as a severe advanced case of Crohn's Disease I have stared death in the face a few times, somehow it didn't get me and if I can help it - it won't for a long time. I am a proud Pagan. I study and practise Witchcraft but I am no freaky fanatic. I will post about it and I will discuss it if asked but I won’t hunt you down and curse you or try to “convert” you. That is not our way. “Ever mind the rule of three, what Thee sends out comes back to Thee. This lesson well Thou must learn Thee only gets what Thou dost earn… “ I am: Mother, sister, wife, lover, friend, survivor. I am jGrrl, hear me roar!

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