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Hm... 10 things you should know about me: 1. I don't care. Honestly - I am openminded... do what you want, when you want, just don't hurt anyone. And I'm ok with that. 2. I love food... with a passion. Good food, healthy food, fat food, sweet food... love food. 3. I worship my kiddos and my dear, darling husband. They are my three favorite reasons for getting out of bed in the morning. 4. Sephora is my single favorite place in the world. The rest of the world thinks spending $5 on some foofy-foofy coffee is a good way to perk themselves up. I think spending $29 on a fabulous lipstick or eye cream is much better and healthier!! 5. I am "Jen Bait" - because the previously mentioned hubby is a fisherman and sells bait. It was my maternity leave; I stayed with my babies and sold fishing bait. (yea... I really did!) 6. My diva daughter Anna and I believe the color pink has superpowers. It represents everything awesome about girls. 7. I drink a gallon of iced tea daily. No lie. 8. My favorite typo is when I sign my emails, Love, "Hen" instead of Jen 9. I'm in my (ahem) late 30s, but still think I'm 12. 10. My first baby is Fred, a fabulously old man, disguised as a miniature bull terrier.

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