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I'm a psych major. I love books and movies and some TV. I love my guy and my kids are amazing! I have the most amazing friends and I know i'm so lucky to have them. . I love summer! . I'm improving my health and outlook and most importantly, my attitude! I'm an artist so I'm prone to the angsty moments. Coffee is my crack and working out makes me feel alive. My family and I are trying to be greener and working towards living off the grid. This year, i'm in charge of the garden and i'm pretty excited about it:) I'm a part-time vegetarian and I aspire to become full time someday. Any tips are welcome! I'm the least judgemental person you're likely to meet, even though I was raised strictly pentecostal, I just can't see the world in black and white! It's too full of wonderous, complicated color!:)

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