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My name is actually Jaime Lee. I go by my writing alias, Jessa Kingston. I grew up in, and currently reside in, Sudbury Ontario. I spent my time working. I'm a drive-thru order taker at Tim Hortons. I'm not fond of it all the time, but it makes decent money. I don't live with my family anymore, I just recently moved in with a friend of mine. We're getting along better than we ever have. It scares me. I write a celebrity gossip blog. You can find the link on my actual account page. It's called "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" inspired by Good Charlotte's 2003 hit. Other than that, I operate one of the most random forums you'd ever see. I think there's a link to it somewhere around here, but I'm not too sure. You can ask me for it if you want. I also spend a lot of time designing on a 3D instant messaging program. I want to be a fashion designer in the near future. There are so many opportunities to become recognized in that industry. Anything else you want to know? Send me a private message, or stop by one of my websites. Oh, feel free to add me on yahoo as well! (I don't use MSN anymore). But please, warn me when you send the friend request where you're adding me from. Thanks!

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