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I have black hair and eyes..umm I'm also short! I'm also asian but I was born in Australia and I'm proud of it! I have a serious side and a crazy one but if you know me u'd know that my crazy side shows the most! I pretty much a really nice person, sensitive (really sensitive) and mature well sumtimes! I never pass up a party coz well I LOVE PARTYING! Lollies and Chocolate dnt make me hypo but I dnt need them since I'm naturally hypo. I talk alot too coz I just cant help it! Yes, I taalk to myself too, strange but no-one really cares do they? OoO I love drawing to coz I'm that creative type! I'm not a good drawer but I dnt mind..u might say that my art is original? an abstract? Well anywayz I hope this is filling up the page coz I want mine to be full not plain and boring, you should know that rite now I'm typing this coz I want to waste space not that I'm boring or anything! I mean I can be quiet if I want to (talking to myself in my head) but I prefer to talk to other people rather then myself even if I dnt really like the person its a sacrifice! I bet ur just reading this saying when is this going to stop well guess what its not muahaha...nah its going to stop right...NOW crazy Well I looked at my profile and it didn't fill up the page which is weird since I thought that I've been typing for ages..maybe if I have pics it would help OoO good idea! You rock my socks OoO see its a compliment too! how nice..lets see what else..umm well I like being liked and if I find out that sum1 doesn't like me then I'd cry in shame. But I haven't been told that sum1 doesn't like me yet which is good unless people hate me but they dnt want to tell me then that be bad wouldnt it? hmm okay now I'm confused which is natural for me so I'm just going add in a pic now to change the subject =) see it a picture with sumfing bout me too! well I've nearly filled the page so bye! XxXx

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