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Lets see here. I live in Sacramento, CA. I like to go out, stay in and all the inbetween. I like to travel. I love spending time with my cute little dog, Belle. She's a mix of Pomeranian and mini American Eskimo. I love shopping. I'm really into fashion and make-up and would love to be a make-up artist. I love celebrities and gossip. Justin Timberlake is my favorite by far. I watch a lot of tv. Tivo is the greatest invention.ever. I love all music and I love to dance. And every song is my favorite. lol. and I have a song for every moment of my life. I like to think I'm fun. I enjoy spending time with friends and family.

Other than that. I'm pretty much the girl next door. I like keep things simple and fun. oh yea, I want to be famous too. :D

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