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Uvex pheos faceguard: An ergonomic design that noticeably reduces strain

The human neck consists connected with eight vertebrae and is usually responsible for doing a number of vital tasks, regarding illustration supporting the head in addition to providing a huge quantity of flexibility. It can be also helps to source the human brain with body and protects the vertebral cord — a important component of our cns. Poor posture for lengthy time frames or excessive stresses in the neck can cause tension together with pain, and can even result around a tucked disk.
Correctly adapted for the human body structureWhen developing often the uvex pheos face protection system, we got a single overriding aim: maximum defense together with minimum strain. First of all, by connecting the defensive visor to the ergonomic brain strap, we taken away often the need for the serious motorcycle helmet that usually will serve as the visor support. We likewise correctly used the uvex pheos faceguard to the human anatomy. The eye protection system provides been recently designed to uniformly spread the weight across often the body’s centre involving gravity. The low weight and ergonomic centre of gravity supports a natural mind stance, minimising strain on the neck of the guitar and back.
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Maximum ability to move — no more restrictionsThe best visor delivers a wide visual awareness, which in turn stimulates keeping the side in a natural posture. The particular ergonomic design makes certain greatest mobility in any kind of problem, as the wide neck piece guarantees a protected and comfortable suit about the wearer’s head. Particular person height adjustment means the program can be adjusted to perfectly fit in the person wearing them.
Compared with different face protection systems, the uvex pheos faceguard is lighter weight, better ventilated and a lot more comfortable to wear. The visor still meets comfortably over cups.
Ergonomically designed protective equipment with regard to elevated safetyThe uvex pheos faceguard perfectly illustrates what is expected of current occupational safe practices equipment: trusted protection with no restricting or putting force on often the wearer. Ultimately, it will need to be as simple—and comfortable—as slipping on a good t shirt or work jacket each morning. This is an essential factor in ensuring certainly not only that personal safety gear is worn, nonetheless as well that it dependably helps to protect the wearer during day-to-day tasks.

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