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Hi! I am a happily married mother of 5. I cheated and had TWO sets of twins. I have a daughter that is almost 21, two daughters that are 18 and a son and daughter that are 12. I use to think that I was lucky until I got 3 teenage daughters and now I think that life is maybe not all roses. I was permanetly disabled while working for the Colorado Department of Corrections in November of 1995 so since then I have been a stay at home mom. A job that is much harder than working for a psychiatric prison and no it wasn't the inmates that hurt me but 4 little boys that were playing at being men. (it was during baton training or PPCT, I had all of the muscles on my lower legs crushed as well as my perenial nerve in my lower right leg crushed and I was hit so hard across the buttock that it knocked a disc out of L4/L5, well boo hoo hoo, right enough about that). I truly believe that God does not give us more than we can handle, I just wish that He would not use such a big plate at times. When we get lemons we have to make lemonaid or go crazy. I like a mixture of both. My name is Kim (that's who LOL). It may not be the thing to do, but I believe in being truthful so I refuse to use an alias. If someone wants to look me up, well then I'll either get a new friend or I'll be telling someone in person how I feel, LOL. But really, I love anything outdoors and I absolutely LOVE to read. In fact I read about a book a day sometimes the bigger ones take me a day or two longer. I even read the books that after starting them I don't like because I always think, "Someone wrote this book and thought that it was really good and I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings by throwing their book away." (I wouldn't really just throw it away but you know what I mean.)Sometimes I have been surprised and the author pulls the book out of where it is going but not always. I have acted in about a dozen Community Theatre productions and have an absolute love for the craft. Kudos to all that have the same passion. I am fun loving and care about people, animals and our planet. One earth one people. I love debate but it must be debate without hate. Hate gets us absolutely nowhere. I feel that prejudice is the 21st centuries biggest problem. With division always comes problems. I also feel that our ability to empathize with our fellow man is going to be our downfall. A world without empathy is a world set on destruction. If we can't see or feel where others are coming from, well there isn't much hope for us is there. Which brings us back to; we have got to start getting our points across without all this yelling and putting down. If you are yelling, no one can get the point that you are trying to make. Peace to all.

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