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Kristin Martin

Joined 6 years ago

My name is Kristin and I am 40 years young and have an 18 year old son. I have lived in Knoxville, Tennessee since I was 14 but was born in Detroit, Michigan. I have always enjoyed being a writer and started out on this page doing biographies but after some difficult changes in my personal life, I have decided to change the direction of this page and start dealing with issues that we all deal with daily! I have been through a near fatal car crash that left me with permanent damage that affects my daily life and just recently lost my husband very unexpectedly. I have felt alone and out of touch so often and have decided that maybe I could share my stories and experiences to possibly help someone else. I want this page to be a place of comfort and joy for everyone who joins in, and most of all I want everyone to feel free to share their own stories, experiences, advice, and questions! Lets get started today in this beautiful journey together!

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