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Things I like: Soap and Glory moisturizing mist. Saltines and peanut butter. Zeppelin. DuWop Lip Venom. Milla Jovovich. Pickles. SEPHORA. A good, multiple orgasm. BC bud. String cheese. My tongue stud. Icy Corona. Sleeping late. Good drugstore mascara. Lizards. Thai chicken-coconut soup from Lemon Tree in Bedford, MA. Stila smudge pots. Amber rose incense. Tostitos, bite-sized. Stars. I-just-ate-a-cherry-popsicle-red-pink lip stain, like Urban Decay Greedy Lip Envy. Midnight. Lily Allen. Snickers bars. MST3K. Too Faced Glamour Revolution kit- love the drag queen/Marie Antoinette theme. That's a damned good list in my book.

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