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Leilani Cash

working out, hanging out with friends, family and my husband Sonny. I love the smell of rain especially the way the desert smells after a thunderstorm. I am drawn to and am soothed by the ocean. A true island girl at heart. I workout for health and to stay in shape and because I love the power and strength I feel from it. I don't necessarily consider myself an athlete but live for spin class. I wear a lot of black but my favorite colors are those found by the sea (blues, greens and all shades of white). Mangos remind me of summer time and Hawaii and I love to eat them all year.I love the way a full moon shimmers off of a calm sea and find amusement in watching the grunions run. Sitting around a campfire and eating smores brings me to sweet childhood memories but and just as content to sit in front of a fireplace with smores made in the microwave! I still haven't found my dream job nor figured out exactly what that will be...I love to cook and create but am loathe to make that my job as I might come to hate it if I'm forced to do it as work rather than fun. I would love to run my own business some day I just need to figure what business that would be! I watch way too much television but reading is my true escape. Mostly fiction and I love a great trashy romance novel. I have two kitties who I love to death.

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