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I'm a Quad-City girl who would rather live in Phoenix but finds herself living in Germany for the past two years, with another two to go! Not that I'm complaining...I miss Phoenix dearly:the heat, the sun, swimming outside and wearing flip-flops year round...but I love living in Germany also, it definetely has it's perks for someone who loves to travel. It has put college on hold pretty much...but I've seen and learned so much since living here it's a much different type of education. I have an amazing husband, Ike, and a tiny chihuahua, Lyric that I love more dearly than anything. Ike is in the ARMY (that's why we live in Germany) and was deployed all last year for 14 monthes to Iraq and will be going back for 15 more in November but Lyric is a very good companion and I'm lucky to have them both. I love to travel and take photos, put together scrapbooks and make things...I enjoy painting and drawing and reading and writing letters and volunteering and just sitting with someone, talking for hours and learning everything I can I'm pretty much an old lady...I'm often told I remind people of their grandmothers-EXCEPT for the way I look. My right arm is completely sleeved in tattoos, which connects across my chest to my left arm that is nearly covered as well. My ears are stretched to over an inch but they go well with my septum piercing I think. But I've never met an old lady that I totally didn't get along with or disapproved of me...probably because we have the same temperment and interests Feeling kind of crazy...

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