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I am in my third year of college attending Middle Tennessee State University (THE BEST) studying Fashion Merchandising with a concentration in Entreprenuership. Yeah, I'll be a high-fashion make-up artist and MY OWN BOSS in a few years. ..::giggles::.. I admit to be a MySpace and Facebook junkie! But only in the wee hours of the night! ::LOL:: ..::ssshh..::..Besides that, I am a social moth, so in other words I love to go out, party and have fun. Yes, I do drink and smoke, however I hold my own. I have a free spirit and can be very uplifting to others. I try to live life like there's no tomorrow but with this society some things force us to be precautious. Other than that, I have a strong love for my family and close friends. I think I've covered the basics..::giggles::

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