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I RECENTLY LOST ONE OF MY 3 KITTIES ON MAY 6TH, 2008. He was my handsome yellow cat, Y.C. He is terribly missed, but is laid to rest in my parents backyard under a beautiful cherry tree I bought my Dad for Father's Day years ago. He is there now next to his littermate sister, Miss Beemie. I think he knew how hard it was for me to lose her, so he hung on for one year to the same month she passed. So, now I am actually momTO2kitties, but he was with me when I started here on this awesome site, so I leave his photo up as a tribute to him.

My Dearest cat, Y.C.........RIPMy Dearest cat, Y.C.........RIP

On Wednesday March 11th, 2009.......I had to put my sweet little cat Minni to sleep. She was 17 and lasted a year longer than expected. In the end, she stopped eating. She is very much missed and is buried next to her brother Y.C. and sister Beemie. Rest in peace, my little angel girl. little angel, Miss little angel, Miss Minni

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