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My name’s Mani though I’m sometimes referred to as Moon, Brother, Rocky, Manu, Blair or Gir. My birth name is Imani in case you were wondering. I want to sleep on only a mattress. I want crisp, white sheets and a terry cloth robe. I want mimosas at breakfast and Christmas lights in July. The big ones. I want Starbucks to make an extra large iced coffee at midnight. I want heels that feel like slippers and a sweater too big and old to wear in public. I want to be crowded in a giant city. I want sunny days and snowy nights. I want a pet polar bear and an igloo in my backyard. I want chaos in the simplest form. I want to laugh and drink martinis on a Sunday. I want to go out when I say I’m staying in. And love it. I want homework when I’m 40 and I want to write best sellers. I want a fireplace in my room. And I’d like company while I’m at it I want the whole world to believe in Scriptism because it’s a lot simpler than all other beliefs.

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