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I've spent the majority of my life gaming and creating. I've been been singing, telling stories, and playing games from the time I could speak. In my early teens, I began making pixel art which brought me into the realm of visual art. I can't draw very well at the moment, mostly due to lack of practice because of my carpal tunnels syndrome. However, I enjoy painting quite a bit and spend quite a bit of time making a mess of myself via acrylics.

To be honest, my greatest career dream would be to write and draw Manga & Anime (Japanese comic books and cartoons, respectively). However, as I said, my drawing is not very good. Perhaps once my wrists are taken care of, that will change, but who knows.

I'm currently on disability, but that is another thing I would like to change. I'm hoping that once I have my associates degree, I will have enough qualifications that I will be able to find employment that does not require heavy physical activity, as I can barely stand and walk at the moment. I'm also hoping that by the time I have my associates degree, my wrists will have been fixed, as well as several other problems holding me back. I've had to take time out from school because of medical reasons more often than i would ever care to admit. I kep praying that at some point I'll be able to sort out my medical issues to the point that I can live a semi normal-life.

As for my love life, well, it's gotten much more complicated than I would have expected. However, on the "overall", I'm polyamorous and bisexual, which opens up a wealth of possibilities. Currently, I live with my partner of six and a half years, and we're planning on getting legally married.

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