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Sitting on the floor of the mall i go to at 2am waiting for a friend to get out of work. Hi!!! I'm Michelle, a 19 year old college student studying Biology in hopes of becoming a pediatrician one day. I'm also an AB a.k.a Apple Baby. I've been around Apple products all my life. I was actually one of the first persons to have an iPod where i live in Puerto Rico when they first came out. I remember people made fun of me in school because they thought that i was still listening to tapes instead of CD's little did they know that it would be the must have acccesory, hand candy, gadget etc. of the year. I also love getting gear for gadegets, music, cooking, reading, writing, running, pilates etc.. Basic info... --Half German/ Half Puerto RIcan Rican --Speak English and Spanish fluently and German and French so so (soon to talk italian) --Can't eat anything from the sea, ocean, river or pond (no body of water lol) --Currently writing a novel --Love Italian and Mexican Food --Scared of fish (while cleaning a friend's of mine fish bowl the fish jumped from his bowl into the kitchen drain, had to call my mom to stick her hand down there before it died on me) Michelle's must haves if you're in college... *A laptop computer (mine goes with me everyday to classes, i have no idea how many papers i've written on mine and it's the home of my first novel) *iPod (not really a must have to most people, but for me it's essential, i never leave home without it. it's my partner when i'm running and exercising and a life saver on long trips and long lines) *A good back pack (i have back problems so a good bag is key to being able to carry all my big biology and chemistry books so that at the end of the day i'm not complaining) "Digital camara (i just got a new one for Christmas and i'm hooked, i take it everywhere, it's either in my bag, purse or car, my friends and I do spontaneous things, like going to Denny's at 3am for breakfast and a good environment to study in and i always have my camara to document our crazy late outings) lots more, but these are the basics lol

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