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Hi, my name is Alyssa. I am a daughter, sister, friend, mother and wife. A wife to a United States Marine- 3rd Battalion 8th Regiment is our game. I am the creative one. As Jes said, I am the "Modern Betty Crocker". I love baking cupcakes, photography, being an awesome mom, and an amazing military wife. I am currently undergoing my husband's deployment to Afghanistan. I am strong, thank the Lord. We have been through so much since we have been together, I feel this is just a little stepping stone. It helps that our son Caleb Ian, born on September 22nd, 2006 is a wild one. I always find myself being occupied with the little guy. He's into everything these days, you know, the terrible two's. But of course, we do miss daddy. .. My life has been a journey, and it's absolutely continuing, for the better. I am genuinely a happy person, and very giving. I've always loved to give more then to receive. I guess that's an amazing quality the Lord himself blessed me with. As of right now, I am currently living in Atlanta, north metro to be exact. I love it, but of course I miss my hometown, Long Island, N.Y. That's where it all began, and I'd love to be there again. Hopefully one day me and the family can move to the big apple, where home is. Even though I am a mommy I still love fashion. I tan religiously. And of course I love getting manicure and pedicures, hot pink is always my choice of color. Yoga is my favorite exercise, finding myself eating healthier, and mostly organic. That's a little on me, maybe I'll share some more later.

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