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Hello! I am Wiebke. That is a German name and means something like 'small woman'. Say after me: V-E-E-P-K-A-H. Sweet, you got it! Most days I am living my dream: I am young (kinda), totally in love with my sweet, loving, yummy, geeky hubby, together we are living in beautiful California, we have a dog, awesome friends and great families. Recently, we have experienced God's greatest miracle: the birth of our little Thrasher, previously known as Käfer. I used to be a perfectionist. Now, I am learning to let go and accept my limitations. I love being married, I love being a new mom, I love Jesus, I love my girlfriends, I love to eat, I love pretty & stylish things, I love to decorate and I love to talk about all of the above. And that's why I am writing this blog...I hope while you're reading about my life, you and I will become friends. You won't be disappointed...

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