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i am fresh. focused. and all that kinda stuff. but most of all i am. . . *spectacular // thrilling in effect // blunt // spoiled // impatient // stubborn // a perfectionist // feisty // bitchy at times // intelligent // versatile* what do you need 2 know? nothin' really , i think i'm a nice person. [i like to be.] different // natural. [hygiene.] *screwface* i'm a clean freak // i love dove soap // caress body wash // facial cleansers // MAC lip glass. i keep myself up...for me, not for the people. [bout me.] i am a work in progress. i am ambitious. i am God fearing. i am well groomed. i am fine tuned. i am beautiful.internally. externally i i am in love...with my soul. i am...what i will be. forever. [style.] i can rock sneakers or heels...but i prefer pointed toe flats. i have an ever-changing look...constantly changing the hair color. i dance but I'm not really a dancer. i prolly could spit if I tried/wanted to, but i'm definitely not a rapper. i'm a realist. [likes.] i love listening to music...being on this shit. intelligent convo interests me. [result.] some people call me melo. others call me lycie. the best part of life is livin'... so, make moves - thats what I plan to do.

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