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I have a good life. I enjoy my son like crazy. My main priority is my husband and son and taking care of my neice. I'm opinionated, spoiled, healthy, and loved. I travel more than most....except not in a plane :scared:
I've been gone for over a year. Alot of sadness in the last 4 years but all of my family have pulled together and we have surprised ourselves with inner strength. I'm thinkin that most people wouldn't believe the things that have happened since '06., but my future looks very bright and exciting!
I hope to meet new people on here as well as reconnect with the ones that have been on here almost from the very beginning.
I have no interest in people that have a jealous streak a mile wide. It's stupid and a waste of time. I really like every person on my friends list and wish that I could meet them all.

Joined 12 years ago
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