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Well not much to say about me. Um, I'm 19 i am married to a wonderful man (he'se a MARINE!)I have a beautiful 1 yr old I am an insurance agent and i LOVE my job!! I am going to school for realting. I wanna be a realtor w/ my own succesful buisness.I have been reading this site FOREVER!!!! I mean FOREVER!! And i used to comment all the time but eventually i stoppped for a little while then i forgot my password and had to set up a new account!!! Well Glad to be back though! I love this web site it ISS SO ADDICTING!! Its the BEST Celebrity gossip site and its so fun and cute and I LOVE THE NAME!!! And its PINK!!! LOVE PINK!! Alright well i guess now I'm talkin to much !!o well ha ha!!

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