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I got my tickets! I Love Everything I love gossip, shopping, celebs, and fashion. I love my local beaches and watching dolphins play in the water. I love Maui. I love Mexican Food and anything that mixes peanut butter with chocolate. I love coffee. I used to love baseball but right now I'm claiming to be over it (too much drama!) I love football. I used to be a football widow, but now I watch too. We are Dallas Cowboys fans (because Hubby says so, LOL.) I really like the Colts, go Peyton! I believe I also love exclamation points. Ed. Note: Now that it's Baseball Season again..... I still love this game & the Oakland A's are back in action! Loves it. Seriously no Drew Barrymore? No Kate Winslet? Everyone says I look like them. All in all not a bad list I'd say.

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