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My name is Orquidea Mohammed, I'm a 24 y/o Married female, working a 9-6 to make a living but having many passions in anything creative :) mainly makeup artistry & Hairstyling, also love photography and graphic design. I have an addiction for fashion, especially shoes and purses!! I've also been told that I have an unhealthy addiction to TeamSugar like every girl should ;) I am a proud but I appreciate and am fascinated with ALL cultures and am planning to travel lots all around the world one day. I'm a very chilled back typa person, like going to the gym, shopping, surfing net, hanging with my hubby, and just having a good time with friends/family. I love meeting new people and chatting of course and would like to network with people of same intrests. Leave me a message or you can AIM me at: kiki8402

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