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hey, i'm Pheonix-Jade but my friends either call me PJ or Pheonix, i don't care what one you call me. i was born in Los Angeles to a american/french father and a spainsh/american mother. i have 4 older siblings 2 brothers and 2 sisters. i currently live in adelaide Australia because of my dad's work. my favourite t.v. shows were/are: alias, bones and ncis. my favourite actors/actress are: Michael Vartan, Jennifer Garner, Greg runberg, Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, Michael weatherly and that chic that plays abby on ncis. i am a crazy person, not insanely crazy crazy like shouting pen#s in my schools hallway in a high pitched voice with my friends while the teachers look at me i just point to some random person i don't know and say it was them. my music range is all over the place since i like some old timers that are a classic like sweet child o'mine by guns n roses, even music that was sung befre i was born which is like before 1991, when i was little the only way i could sleep if my daddy would put on classic chinese music on, yes i know i'm almost 18 and yet i still call my parents mommy and daddy, because it is unique just me.

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