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Paula Solo

Mom + Photojournalist + Portrait Photographer
Single Mom, love my sons, love my two small dogs, l live in a really chill condo and community, have two semi grown sons (1-early 20's, 2-late teens), I LOVE THE BAY AREA!! I am a mild activist for a few causes, I do pro-bono volunteer photography work as well when asked. I believe I have a big heart, a good heart, I believe I am compassionate and empathetic.
So, to describe me, people would say, I'm a mother first, that I am crazy about and very protective of sons, family always comes first to me (and that would include ALL my family). and that I am crazy about my dogs, they are my "girlies".
I am a passionate self-taught, published and award winning local Bay Area photojournalist and photographer. I rarely go anywhere without my Canon camera by my side.
I try to stay active, I do exercise regularly, mix it up with yoga, Barre, weight toning, and swimming, plus outdoor jogging and hiking. I am always on the hunt for new photo shoot locations, so my running and hiking go hand in and with location seeking!

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