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Hey! How's It? It's Ana here in Wellington, New Zealand. I hear a lot of people saying they want to come and see this place and my advice - not during winter! But maybe that's just 'cause I HATE the cold. I'm in my FIFTH AND LAST year of my uni degree in Law, History and Criminology and I'm so looking forward to graduating and then being lazy for about a year! Yay! Orginally, I'm from the Philippines (the real Philly) and moved to NZ when I was 8. I'm dying to go back there though! 'Cause it's hot and sunny! LOL Thats me and my girl, Antonia, stomping around in a fountain in Napier, NZ, scaring all the half-naked kids away! See why i love summer?! The pic below is me and Mr Man - we both look a bit retarded - i think it was his birthday and the Nepalese birthday ceremony included a shot of whisky...

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