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Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans. My plans were simple, a long and fabulous career as a designer in London. I was on-track too, with roles with 16747, Paul Smith and Joe Casley-Heyford. Then, I got thrown a little off course. I met my husband and moved out to Suburbia to make babies. Two beautiful daughters later, I figured my time on the fashion scene had come and gone, then as my children started school, I began to observe the other mothers in the playground. Specifically their non-verbal communication, the things that went unsaid as they played the playground politics. I got bit by the bug again. I saw fashion, specifically the t-shirt, as way of communicating what was going unsaid. It provided me with the impetus to launch Queen of Suburbia. Most of my tees have been inspired by what I saw in the playground. As we approach our second year, things have been manic, we've developed a full range of tees and bags, we've gone international, hell, i've even learned how to use email! Thanks for reading! Danni.

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